Zoned Out !

It was raining,
Cool breeze gushing through the windows
I loved that moment,
Zoned out and went to a different realm.
Forgot all the troubles, everything around.
Everything seemed so peaceful yet an unrest

I looked inside my mind,
Beyond the misty clouds
Hoping to see something persistent

There was a strange chaos within my chest
The breeze whizzed past
Something was different.

Floating in the cloud of thoughts,
While i lay parched waiting in the void,
Like an unknown star,
Drifting around in oblivion

Zoned out..
I realized,
Inside me is a place,
Where i lived all alone
And that’s where i renew my springs

All i needed was to spend time alone
The thoughts enticed me,
To discover what’s hidden deep within

It said,
There is always a dawn.
Delightful, depressing or doomy,
You have to go on.

” Everything in the Universe is within you. Ask all from yourself “

~ Sarmistha


A Trip Down The Memory Lane

It is all about the quite moments, or moments of retrospection and reflection that we allow the memories to catch up with us.

The past 6 hours while I was traveling from Bangalore to Chennai, it took me down the memory lane which I called home for four years. The place that molded me and shaped me to a person I am today and the place where I met and made some of my closest friends.

That’s the problem with memories: you can visit them, but you can’t live in them.

Memories should be like the chocolate frog cards where we don’t know which one are we gonna get the next, but we can trade them, throw them or keep what we like. They are like Harry’s scar, with us forever.

Memories are a part of us. We’re incomplete without them. They makes us, us.

However, sometimes we wish we could forget the times which made us despondent and relive the moments which gave us immense gratification.

. . . .

Memories give us a chance to live the good moments, to reminisce.


When someone you hadn’t even spoken to made your day by appreciating your work.

When the four of you shared the last pack of instant noodles at night sitting on the rooftop watching the stars in the sky.

When you went on a vacation with your close friends.

The most embarrassing moments of your life that is still the butt of all the jokes in your gang.

When your friends gifted you what you’ve always wanted and going that extra mile for you.

Going on night rides and getting drenched in rain.

Hogging on to the ice creams and discussing life sitting on the porch of airport.

. . . .

Passion. Shame. Euphoria. Success. Fights. Fear. Pity. Karma. Laughs. Every feeling you can think of has memories associated with it.

They puzzle you. They leave you breathless. They leave you in gaze and starry thoughts.

They bring tears to your eyes, happy and sad.

Memories can cheer you up. Make a collection of memories you can be proud of.

When you reflect on the time gone by, you relive experiences all over again. Make sure that when you do this, you are able to break into a small smirk, an imaginary jig and Pat yourself on the back.

Right now, I remember the time when me and my friends had a lot of adventurous crests and troughs in these four years. One crest higher than the other; one trough deeper than the other.

The thrill of it lied in not knowing what’s next and how high or deep. We sailed together with smiling faces.

“Memories can be happy or sad but make sure memories aren’t regrets.”

– Sarmistha

From The Spirits…

If you solicitude something,
Love it completely, cherish it , say it and most importantly show it.
Life is fragile and time is finite.
Just because something is there, it might not be in the next moment..

Anticipate the children suffering excessive penury!
Longing for a morsel of love,
Deprived of the nutrients of care,
Become the reason of their soul’s pulse.
Become the reason for their morsel of love.
Become the hand that feed their hunger stricken heart!

Time elopes being passively aggressive.
You may be seen as too flighty and lightweight to the other.
We live in a world of patriarchy,
Yet let the solicitude subjugate the patriarchy!

“Be a person full of love and generosity.”

~ Sarmistha

A Diary Entry!

A girl so still, calm and silent..

Shh..Why is she silent all the time ?

People asked!

Sitting quietly, peeping out of the window,

Silently listening to the chirps..

I think I’m is normal, but they thought I’m different.

I didn’t had anything to say

Some say I’m mean, Other say I’m nice..

But I think I’m normal.

Sensitive to words, I feel hurt

It’s worst when people are looking.

Why am I crying, people ask?

But alas! They don’t understand the feeling.

I think I’m normal, but they think I’m shy

Some say I’m cute, some say I’m rude.

People will notice the change in my attitude

But won’t notice their behaviour that changed me.

I found my catharsis to dry up all the tears

Those hurtful words no longer Pierce my ears.

Instead, I pick up a pen

And make the paper my friend.

I fill the paper with my voice

I tell the paper and the ink everything

Because, they dont question on your feelings.

Because being emotional is not being wimpy”

^^ Sarmistha


Them days,

Waiting for the weekends to come

Dreaming and planning out every minute of it,

The gratification that their heart received,

That was the Genesis of a strong friendship what we thought!

Hopping places, hanging out together!

Seemed like forever!


As time passed by,

They waited for the weekends to come,

But, there came a different set of people,

Every minute went over phone, and somewhere that friendship bond was lost!

She tried really hard to keep the bond blooming…

But she failed.

Was she really that ordinary?

She was the last on her list

Meaningless, ludicrous, mundane


“Ignoring the people for each other


Ignoring each other for people,

The priorities changed!”

Cherish Your LIFE 💞

“Cherish” is a word in itself, full of positivity. It gives the vibe of treasuring happiness. Not many people understand this. Everyone of us has experiences that set us for life. They create the purpose of our being and making us who we are!

Lost in the thoughts of childhood,
Some torn pictures and some intact,

Memories rejuvenating…

Something which was so lost.

Cherish it , oh cherish it !

My heart said,

What was your favourite childhood memory?!

I said ,

Sleeping in the sofa and waking up in the bed

And smiled…

Cherish it, Oh cherish it!

Because after a while,

You will learn that even sunshine burns

Plant your own garden,

Decorate your own soul.

Cherish your present and your past,

Cherish the farrago of fact and myth,

Because you never know,

Which page of your memories will impassion you with ecstacy.

Never regret a day in life,

Good days gives happiness,

Bad days gives experience,

Worst days gives lessons,

And, best days gives MEMORIES

Cherish it Oh, Cherish it! ❤

^^ Sarmistha

Oh I ween..!

Over time the sea erodes the landscape,

Not because of the strength,                            

But Because of it’s resolve.

I strive hard to find a better me

A person just and true

I need to be a stronger me

Not just descent through and through

But surpass all the emotions

It’s not a whim it needs to be

But for the whole of me,

I will be that better me

And that better me will stay

I will be better , they will see

But the seer will be forseen by me.