Cherish Your LIFE 💞

“Cherish” is a word in itself, full of positivity. It gives the vibe of treasuring happiness. Not many people understand this. Everyone of us has experiences that set us for life. They create the purpose of our being and making us who we are!

Lost in the thoughts of childhood,
Some torn pictures and some intact,

Memories rejuvenating…

Something which was so lost.

Cherish it , oh cherish it !

My heart said,

What was your favourite childhood memory?!

I said ,

Sleeping in the sofa and waking up in the bed

And smiled…

Cherish it, Oh cherish it!

Because after a while,

You will learn that even sunshine burns

Plant your own garden,

Decorate your own soul.

Cherish your present and your past,

Cherish the farrago of fact and myth,

Because you never know,

Which page of your memories will impassion you with ecstacy.

Never regret a day in life,

Good days gives happiness,

Bad days gives experience,

Worst days gives lessons,

And, best days gives MEMORIES

Cherish it Oh, Cherish it! ❤

^^ Sarmistha

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