A Trip Down The Memory Lane

It is all about the quite moments, or moments of retrospection and reflection that we allow the memories to catch up with us.

The past 6 hours while I was traveling from Bangalore to Chennai, it took me down the memory lane which I called home for four years. The place that molded me and shaped me to a person I am today and the place where I met and made some of my closest friends.

That’s the problem with memories: you can visit them, but you can’t live in them.

Memories should be like the chocolate frog cards where we don’t know which one are we gonna get the next, but we can trade them, throw them or keep what we like. They are like Harry’s scar, with us forever.

Memories are a part of us. We’re incomplete without them. They makes us, us.

However, sometimes we wish we could forget the times which made us despondent and relive the moments which gave us immense gratification.

. . . .

Memories give us a chance to live the good moments, to reminisce.


When someone you hadn’t even spoken to made your day by appreciating your work.

When the four of you shared the last pack of instant noodles at night sitting on the rooftop watching the stars in the sky.

When you went on a vacation with your close friends.

The most embarrassing moments of your life that is still the butt of all the jokes in your gang.

When your friends gifted you what you’ve always wanted and going that extra mile for you.

Going on night rides and getting drenched in rain.

Hogging on to the ice creams and discussing life sitting on the porch of airport.

. . . .

Passion. Shame. Euphoria. Success. Fights. Fear. Pity. Karma. Laughs. Every feeling you can think of has memories associated with it.

They puzzle you. They leave you breathless. They leave you in gaze and starry thoughts.

They bring tears to your eyes, happy and sad.

Memories can cheer you up. Make a collection of memories you can be proud of.

When you reflect on the time gone by, you relive experiences all over again. Make sure that when you do this, you are able to break into a small smirk, an imaginary jig and Pat yourself on the back.

Right now, I remember the time when me and my friends had a lot of adventurous crests and troughs in these four years. One crest higher than the other; one trough deeper than the other.

The thrill of it lied in not knowing what’s next and how high or deep. We sailed together with smiling faces.

“Memories can be happy or sad but make sure memories aren’t regrets.”

– Sarmistha

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