Zoned Out !

It was raining,
Cool breeze gushing through the windows
I loved that moment,
Zoned out and went to a different realm.
Forgot all the troubles, everything around.
Everything seemed so peaceful yet an unrest

I looked inside my mind,
Beyond the misty clouds
Hoping to see something persistent

There was a strange chaos within my chest
The breeze whizzed past
Something was different.

Floating in the cloud of thoughts,
While i lay parched waiting in the void,
Like an unknown star,
Drifting around in oblivion

Zoned out…
I realized,
Inside me is a place,
Where i lived all alone
And that’s where i renew my springs

All i needed was to spend time alone
The thoughts enticed me,
To discover what’s hidden deep within

It said,
There is always a dawn.
Delightful, depressing or doomy,
You have to go on.

” Everything in the Universe is within you. Ask all from yourself “

~ Sarmistha

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