A Diary Entry!

A girl so still, calm and silent..

Shh..Why is she silent all the time ?

People asked!

Sitting quietly, peeping out of the window,

Silently listening to the chirps..

I think I’m is normal, but they thought I’m different.

I didn’t had anything to say

Some say I’m mean, Other say I’m nice..

But I think I’m normal.

Sensitive to words, I feel hurt

It’s worst when people are looking.

Why am I crying, people ask?

But alas! They don’t understand the feeling.

I think I’m normal, but they think I’m shy

Some say I’m cute, some say I’m rude.

People will notice the change in my attitude

But won’t notice their behaviour that changed me.

I found my catharsis to dry up all the tears

Those hurtful words no longer Pierce my ears.

Instead, I pick up a pen

And make the paper my friend.

I fill the paper with my voice

I tell the paper and the ink everything

Because, they dont question on your feelings.

Because being emotional is not being wimpy”

^^ Sarmistha

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